Be the Leader of Your Life


What did you do as a child when you were confronted with a crisis or a difficult situation? Did you fight, or run away? Or did you not have the chance to do either? 

More often than not we get stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is now known that the energy we would have used to escape or lash out remains stuck inside us if we couldn’t react that way. It creates a tension, which, if not released, in due course, causes physical and/or mental discomfort or pain. It may also shape your outlook on life.

I’m Jessica Lutz, and I’m glad you found my site, so I can explain how I might help you take charge of your mental and physical well-being, using my years of experience and the latest, innovative scientific discoveries. 


I’ve built my method around groundbreaking research in neuroscience. The nervous system and all the chemicals it uses (neurotransmitters and hormones) affect both our emotions and our body. More and more it becomes evident that mind and body have a direct effect on each other. This link I apply the principle of Quantum Physics to, which teaches us that matter is just another form of energy. In other words, all matter vibrates with a certain wavelength. That’s why sending electromagnetic pulses into tissue can alleviate pain by raising the frequency of the affected spot. I rather use the magnetic field we have in our hands, and involve our most powerful energy field, the mind, without which permanent healing is difficult to attain.  By working on both body and mind, I aim to help you be the leader of your life. 

Inside Out Therapy & Coaching reprocesses the past (the therapy part). This is crucial if you want to achieve the result you desire (the coaching part), like being resilient to stress, free from anger or depression, and take the lead from now on. With a combination of counseling and energy work I help you release trauma, limiting beliefs and pain. Clearing all these negative instructions put there by others is like rewriting your ‘operating system’ so you can finally be in charge of your true, healthy and happy self. 


  ”In Jessica’s presence, I immediately felt a deep calm. When we looked at events of my past and I had to confront moments that usually caused a strong unease inside me, the calm continued. It gave me inner strength, a more positive thinking and it translated into an improvement of my long-standing complaints.”

  ”Jessica has helped me acknowledge those old traumas and deal with them. Sometimes with spectacular results. For a whole month I had had to carry my right arm on top of my head in order to alleviate a howling pain. After one intense session I could move freely again. The pain just vanished from one moment to the next! Thank you Jessica!”

  ”Prior to the session with Jessica, I was more than skeptical about the effects of what she described as a tool that could initiate healing. It sounded to me like an imprecise and impossible-to-measure approach to targeting years of emotional trauma. But I endeavoured to give it a shot anyway. I can only describe [what happened] as a mystifying and unforgettable experience. […] I’m very grateful to Jessica for spending time with me and for traveling to the darker places in my psyche. She is tremendously skilled and I recommend her work highly to anyone brave enough to confront their own past.”

To see more reactions from people who have worked with me click here.  And you can fill out the form below if you want to share something with me, or ask questions. For a free introductory session by Skype or at my practice in Brussels, click here. Everything you share with me remains confidential. 

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