Is this for you?

You are good at what you do and you set the bar high. No task is beyond your power. People can always rely on you, because you’re strong. But you’re hardly ever happy with yourself anymore. All that energy of yours is starting to get depleted. You lost your motivation. Perhaps you already even lost your anger. You may have back ache, inflammations, digestive issues, or inexplicable symptoms. You feel overworked and undervalued. Life just isn’t that much fun anymore.

How about an update of your operating system?

With my support you can:

  • revive your energy and motivation
  • spark your creativity
  • unblock your full potential
  • discover new paths in your professional and personal life
  • rejuvenate your body and mind
  • and more.

Your ‘software’ was written before you were born and in your childhood, by others than you, but so far it has determined where you stand in life. I will help you let go of outdated programming and reconnect to the true core of YOU. Feeling healthy and relaxed are just some of the beneficial side-effects. As a result of our work:

  • You will shed old burdens and feel light, and full of inner calm.
  • You will feel confident and free of the need to control everything around you.
  • No longer will you berate yourself, but you will feel happy with yourself.
  • You will meet challenges with an open and welcoming mind.
  • You will communicate with those around you without feeling angry or frustrated, which will benefit your relations with those you love, or work with.
  • And as a bonus, you may also find yourself moving towards your perfect weight.

How will we go about this?

In the comprehensive In Your Power program you will:

  • Create a personalised action plan to eliminate one by one the obstacles that are blocking you from doing what’s best for you
  • Uncover and let go of the engrained patterns of thought and behaviour that prevent you from changing into the person you really want to be
  • Learn some quick and easy techniques to further promote your transformation
  • Find out how you can enhance your transformation by changing what you eat

Examples of Results:

  • Stop doubting and pleasing, and feel fearless in being your sincere self
  • Take a new look at relationships you thought were broken
  • Be confident and assertive in all your relationships
  • Like yourself in any given situation, and feel validated and supported
  • Resolve physical complaints
  • End up feeling full of energy, creativity and motivation.

How long does it take?

You will be committing to yourself in a way you may never have done before. The effect of our work will be noticeable within weeks but, of course, we all heal at our own pace. I recommend a duration of minimum 6 months. There will be bumps in the road, or times that you feel good, and think you’re done. That’s when you need to stick to the program in order to achieve profound transformation.

What if I  can’t commit to this much?

I offer a number of alternatives, which I’m happy to explain to you. For more information, please book a FREE introductory session at my home practice in Brussels, over the phone,  or internet. Click here. Or you can contact me through the form below.


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