About Jessica


As a former correspondent I am a story teller. Now I help people rewrite their personal Operating System. Specifically (but not exclusively) I work with creative and ambitious women who, despite their drive, feel held back, or lack joy. I help them turn their inner critic into their ally, so they feel respected, validated and supported. 

I used to work in the Middle East. It’s an environment where most people are not free to speak, and talking to journalists is especially dangerous. So I had to learn to read the signs people were giving out, much more than listen to their words. It was not easy. Often I would be followed around by plainclothes police who would intimidate those I interviewed. I’ve had to disguise myself, and hide, and on some occasions risked my life. But I was very committed to getting the truth out. The hope that my stories would somehow change the lives of the people I reported about, kept me going.

Until it didn’t. I had given everything I had to give, and more, until there was nothing left. All of a sudden I found myself void of energy or motivation. I lost my drive, and I felt deeply unhappy. In fact I (wrongly) felt so unappreciated that I quit my job and left the profession behind that I had loved so much. 

During my own journey to healing, I found a new calling. And now that I am a healer, I benefit from that sixth sense I developed as a correspondent. I have discovered that the story people tell when they describe what distresses them, often is different from what their body tells me. And I’ve found that the people who come to see me often have plainclothes cops living in their minds, who make sure the truth remains hidden.


I was born in the Netherlands, and grew up in Belgium. For two decades I worked as a correspondent in Turkey and its neighboring countries, but I always wondered where I belonged. At least I learned to speak five languages, all of which I now works in: English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Türkçe. In 2015 I moved with my family from my much-loved Istanbul, Turkey, to Brussels in Belgium, where I continue to facilitate the healing of fellow wounded souls.


I studied and applied a number of healing methods and energy psychology over the years, I gained certification in some and founded my own special Inside Out Therapy & Coaching®. Please read my disclaimer

Over the years I studied: 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki and EFT in Istanbul, Leo Angart’s sight training in Hamburg, Richard Gordon’s Quantum Touch, Nick Arrizza’s Mind Resonance Process, Peter Grunwald’s Eye-Body method.

I devoured the work of neuroscientist Dr. Candace Pert, cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, an introduction to psychology from Prof. Paul Bloom at Yale, neuro-psychiatrist Daniel J. Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology, physiologists Candace Pert discoveries of the ‘Molecules of Emotions’, neurobiologist Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Belief’, psychologist ‘Alice Miller’s’ work on child mistreatment, psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen’s work on autism and the differences between the male and the female brain. 

One of my favourite set of mind-body work tools is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion and Body Codes. I am fascinated by the Polyvagal Theory of Steve Porges, and the potential of using mirror neurons in my therapy and coaching, Currently I’m studying to obtain certification as a Health Tutor in the Body Type Weight Loss Method by Dr. Eric Berg

Please also read the Disclaimer.

img_20161110_121156      coursera-microbiome-2014-page-001

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