Pain vanished from one moment to the next

My body writhes and grinds. Sleeping poorly makes it worse. The GP prescribes heavy pain killers, yet another makeshift measure.

What is wrong with my body? I’m not fretting or worrying about anything, I lead a good life. And yet there is that inexplicable, unbearable pain.

My former yoga teacher once taught me that old, long-forgotten (or hidden-away) trauma may cause pain that’s difficult to track down. Now Inside Out Therapy is turning out to be a remedy.

Inside Out therapist Jessica has helped me acknowledge those old traumas and deal with them. Sometimes with spectacular results. For a whole month I had had to carry my right arm on top of my head in order to alleviate the howling pain. After one intense session with Jessica I could move my arm freely again. The pain just vanished from one moment to the next!!

Thank you Jessica!

Mrs. L.R., Hoogstraten

(originally in Dutch)