Inner strength and physical improvement

I started my sessions with Jessica without knowing what to expect. For many years, I had experienced strange shakings that occurred whenever I felt weak or tired and no doctor could tell me what they were related to. Jessica encouraged me to try the mind-body therapy she offers, and it did not take me long to feel very comfortable with it.

Inside Out Therapy allows you to approach small or big problems that you may have grown used to from a new angle, and search for their roots so you can let go of them. In Jessica’s presence, I immediately felt a deep calm. When we looked at events of my past and I had to confront moments that usually caused a strong unease inside me, the calm continued. This calm was a very positive calm that gave me inner strength, a more positive thinking and that also translated into an improvement of my long-standing shakings.

I find it fascinating how Jessica was able to show me the connection between forgotten, or rather subconsciously present events from the past and how we feel and behave today. “Letting go, finding flow” describes my experience with her very well. I recommend her therapy to everyone who is looking for peace of mind through a new, untried approach to their past.

Nadja N., Brussels